Insurance Claims


Fighting through insurance claims can be a hassle and a headache. Our team is trained and experienced in working with insurance companies to get the coverage our clients deserve. By letting RK Junior LLC handle your insurance claims, you can focus on living life as usual as your claim is being handled with your best interest in mind and not your insurance company’s.

Don’t worry…

What we do:

  • Walk you through the claims process
  • Manage the process on your behalf
  • Deal with the insurance company directly

Give us a call and we’ll come out to inspect and assess the damage. If needed we’ll contain or prevent further damage from occurring. We’ll advise you with your best interest intended and if a claim is filed, we’ll meet with the adjuster to ensure that you are receiving the maximum allowance for your repairs.

Adjusters are more likely to pass a claim if an accomplished professional roofer is there to litigate and document the damage. Remember, your insurance company is the judge and the jury, we’re here to fight for you!

If your roof is leaking…

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a new roof.

Some contractors try to sell roofs and have their clients file unnecessary claims. Our first action is to repair the roof and buy your roof more time. If the roof is beyond repair or isn’t cost affective for you to keep, then we’ll suggest a replacement roof.

Personal Property

If damaged has occurred, please remove or relocate personal belongings to avoid any further loss of property. Please do so if and only if it is safe for you to remove or relocate. If you are unsure of the structures current condition leave it to professionals to help you. Some insurance companies provide emergency services or they may suggest you use a contractor of your choice for what we call an emergency “dry in”.

Don’t hesitate to call

Don’t hesitate to call your insurance company. Insurance companies have deadlines and will deny your claim if the occurrence has lapsed the allowed time to file the claim. Please document the “date of loss” or date of the accident / occurrence. Most insurance companies allow six months since the “date of loss”.


Please document all contact names, emails and phone numbers given to you by your insurance company. This will help speed up the claims process. Keep a file folder for all estimates, contracts, scopes of work, etc.


Call for more information:

Experience you can trust

If a storm has damaged your home, the process of repairing your home can be confusing and if you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up with less than you bargained for on getting your home or building back to its pre-existing condition.

When dealing with insurance companies on an insurance claim, unless you are in the roofing industry, it is very difficult to understand what your insurance company is paying for and what they are not.

Your only concern when you have wind, hail, or other storm damage to your home should be if you feel comfortable with the company you have chosen to get your home put back together again. You should research them and look at the references they provide. If you’re given a price to do the work by a contractor and it does not reference the scope of work that the insurance adjuster put together, you are not operating out of the same playbook. RK Junior LLC has extensive experience working with properties that have insurance claims.

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